Mentoring Programme

Our mentoring programme has two key focus points: Supporting students’ personal development and wellbeing, as well as guiding young people deemed at risk of becoming involved in crime or already in the criminal justice system.

Our programme utilises education and mentorship to support young people’s engagement with school and college; including attendance, class performance, and overall wellbeing in the setting. In the longer term, we aim to help students with routes into employment and guidance around becoming emotionally healthy, socially responsible adults.

Examples of qualifications available within our mentoring programme:

Courses included in this Coaching & Mentoring Programme:

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Diploma in Becoming Career Smart
  • Personal Leadership and Influencing Skills
  • Level 4 Office Management
  • Level 4 Self Esteem and Assertiveness Development
  • Level 3 Mental Health Awareness
  • Stress Management Training
  • Performance Management
  • Decision-Making
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Effective Communication Skills


  • Dr mark prince OBE – knife crime talks
  • Motivational speakers
  • Managing emotions workshop

Programme Outcomes:

  • Increase attendance
  • Better behaviour around the college
  • Control and managing their emotions
  • More engagement on available programs
  • Feeling safer/understanding safety
  • Building self esteem

We also facilitate a number of workshops, featuring motivational speakers and experts-by-experience to inform, inspire and activate our young people.